At Skill Yoga, we’ve made it our mission to get more people to benefit from the life-changing skills of yoga. That too, in just a few minutes a day. Research shows that yoga has unparalleled potential when it comes to physical and mental health and performance. Why is it a lot more common among top-notch athletes like Lebron James, Rich Froning, Usain Bolt, and Conor McGregor compared to non-professional athletes? Presenting Skill Yoga!

If star athletes with their busy schedules are adapting yoga training principles into their routines, why can’t you? We know the stereotypes, and we know that everyone has a busy life and probably not enough time to involve themselves in a new sport or type of exercise. So we created a highly efficient, simple way to do yoga at home. Or anywhere you can take your phone.

The Skill Coach

Getting started will be the biggest challenge. So we’ve made it super easy for you. You don’t need to know whether you’re more of a Vinyasa, Hatha or Ashtanga type. For us it’s important where you came from and where you want to go, and from there on we design your training plan.

Skill Yoga for Athletes

The perfect training experience is built keeping in mind the following key points:

  1. Your goal. Yoga, when tailored to your needs, is super powerful. A 30-minute yoga workout can focus on a highly intense strength practice, or a mobility or meditation routine. Whatever it is that you need, we’ll provide that for you.
  2. Your training background. If you’ve been running for the last 10 years you’re very likely to have tight legs and hips, and a weaker upper body. If you’ve been going to the gym it might very well be the other way around. We see that through the teaching of an integrative way of moving, it not only shows positive effects on athletic performance but also gives more understanding about preventing and treating injuries.
  3. Your yoga experience. If you’ve taken a few classes already we’ll hook you up with a more advanced class. If you’re completely new to yoga, you have to start with the basics.

So, if you download our new app, you’ll get a customized program that takes you by the hand and guides you step by step until yoga has become a part of your weekly routine. The different programs are based on latest training science and will get you to where you want to go. Give it a couple of weeks and you’ll be able to touch your toes, strengthen weak muscles tissue, show off with headstands and arm balance variations and feel better and more healthy overall.

Skill Yoga for Athletes

The mobile App

Besides getting started, sticking to a routine is seen as a struggle. But actually the reason why you implement a routine, is because it helps you to control the variables in life that stop you from training and seeing continuous improvement.

So, we have integrated a lot of cool features that will help you build and maintain habits. Insights from top behavioral scientists always sound super simple, yet are highly effective, like “connect the new habit you want to build to an already existing routine in your day!”. So, if you want to do at least 20 pushups a day, how about just doing 10 pushups every time you go to the bathroom. Tiny habits is the concept. And we applied it to our app. You will select your daily trigger to do yoga, whether it is directly after waking up or after brushing your teeth, and the app will notify you to get your ass on the mat.

Yeah but… the price?

A single yoga class can cost you around $30 easily. Yes, we think that’s expensive, too. If you wanna buy fancy clothes, a mat or even sign up to a proper studio, yoga becomes a pretty expensive hobby. So we set out to make it accessible for everyone. With our premium subscriptions starting from $6.99 a month you can decide whether you swap your next Starbucks double-choc-frappuccino in for a longer lasting mood and energy kick to your life or… you simply don’t.

To learn and benefit from the life-changing skills of yoga in just a few minutes a day. Your customized plan is build with love by our Skill Coach. With love and based on science. Or find dozens of workouts on functional strength, mobility, flexibility or mindfulness in our workout library. They are all designed to help you get better at what you do, whether you’re a competitive athlete looking for improved performance or just trying to get the most out of your everyday life. Download Skill Yoga to train anywhere, anytime and start improving your life, health, and performance. Learn how to start here.

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