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So what is the question? There can be many reasons your training is not going according to plan. Happens when so many external factors come into play. Some of us are juggling work with studying, some have their hands half tied in sport, and some just enjoy the occasional run but shy away from the whole process of work-gym-shower-home-dinner-sleep because we all know it never goes as smoothly as that. Making new years resolutions that you cant keep beyond the 3rd week of January is as common as the cliched spiritual telling you your aura is purple.

If you are any of these people and have been questioning your current training regime, then we have the answer as to why online training may be the thing you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

Competition gets to you

Competition drives men in most situations. Especially ones that involve the opposite gender. That is not to say women aren’t goal-driven but rather subtler in comparison. In a study (1) by Gneezy, Niederle, and Rustichini in 2003 when given the choice between a competitive and a non-competitive situation, 73 percent of male participants opted for the competitive option, but only 35 percent of female participants did. Statistics also say that females are more motivated by group classes, whereas a majority of men feel self-conscious and awkward (2).

So when at a Yoga class you see women being an apt description of perfection, it’s probably not about competing with the one next to them, but if you push yourself beyond your limits to hold a pose while your whole body cries out in pain, you are a victim of unwarranted competition. Being better is not a crime, not knowing any better than to push your body is.

With Skill Yoga’s online training, the only one you’ll be competing with is the version of you from the last session. Your accomplishment would be to do better in each session and push yourself just the right amount. By going just a little further each day you can see actual improvement that is not shaded by unnecessary pressure.

Downplaying pain is your game

Now that we have established that men are competitive by nature we move on to further this claim. Men push themselves harder than they need to. This can lead to excess strain on the body and mind. And you are bruised, battered and injured before you know it. After thorough research on the topic, this research (3) reveals men are stoic, tolerating pain, denying pain, and taking health risks even when they lead to increased pain. Further, men were seen to be notorious for avoiding seeking health care and also not talking about pain. The study also revealed that men do this to appear stronger, more autonomous and in control.

With Skill Yoga’s online training, when it’s just you and your Skill Coach – there are no judgments and no need to appear stronger than anyone else. There is also no need to downplay any pain you are feeling. Hit pause and take a break when you need to. Start again when feeling fit. Repeat the workout if you didn’t do so well and next time you will be better.

Money NO problem

Fitness is not a cheap game to play, but it can be. Booking classes, recurring gym memberships, paying extra for extras, investing in a plethora of fitness equipment such as weights, gym attire, yoga mats – we know it all piles up to be an amount you’re not willing to spend. If money is a problem, then you’re not alone. According to reports on lack of exercising in the US, over 47% of households with an income below $25,000 were inactive in 2018 compared to 16% of households with an income above $100,000 (4). It’s not just about getting all the above-mentioned affairs sorted, then you’re paying transport, sometimes heading to the doc for small injuries – not to mention the emotional payment needed for dealing with all this and time management taking a toll on you. More running income means more exercise!

With Skill Yoga’s online training, you are practically paying in peanuts. It’s not a lifetime contract like the average gym membership that will be so hard to get out of that you would rather continue paying for the next 2 years than go through the hassle. At only $6.99 per month, you’ll also get a personalized plan that made for you based on your goals and experiences and it really does not get any better than that. All you need is a mat and motivation.

Be flexible is your motto

Most missed training are usually because of work, leisure, and having sudden urges to laze around. Working out a schedule is sometimes harder than working out. period. We are only human. According to this study (5) about 50% of people who start a workout program quit exercising within the first 6 months. The most profound reason? Probably scheduling issues. Different people with different routines are kept in mind when making most training. See any training you go to, is not made for your routine only. You shouldn’t have to schedule your workouts based on a trainer’s schedule. According to Insights from top behavioral scientists connecting any new habit you want to build to an already existing routine in your day works wonders as well. This is something that’s just not possible with scheduled classes at the average fitness center.

With Skill Yoga’s online training you can choose to workout anytime you like. You can now be in charge of your own body and mind. With the Skill Yoga app, you can also connect your training to an existing habit or routine and the app can send you a push notification reminding you to train at that moment.


This doesn’t need to be your mantra right now, but it very well could be in the future. You are a guy who enjoys Yoga, or has done it at some point and then so many hurdles come in the way that you have forgotten all about it. It doesn’t matter. You are out of practice? that doesn’t matter either. It just takes some determination and the right kind of motivation to garner skills and develop routines. You could also be the kind of person who appreciated stress-free, self-paced training. It’s true, self-paced, online learning of any kind has seen greater retention rates ranging from 25% to 60% (6). When your learning is self-paced you can go back and polish off certain parts before having to hurry off to the next section. The same goes for training. Repetition does make you perfect.

With Skill Yoga’s online training, you are the only guy in the room. You have focused attention given to your goals, schedules and needs. You can train at your pace and repeat workouts until you feel you can do them in a flow with no reservations. That’s what our training program is all about. And that’s why it is so perfect for you.

Does that answer your questions? Skill Yoga could be the answer to most of your woes and can be the change you are looking for. It’s not hard to stick to a routine, surpass your own personal expectations from yourself and reach a level of mind and body control that allows you to perform better in all aspects of your life.

See you on the mat!

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