Skill Yoga is effort. Waking up each day and training to be a better Athlete. Skill Yoga is a discipline. The kind that unites your body and mind. Skill Yoga is greatness. Using each day to awaken your abilities and be better. Skill Yoga is Persistence. Transformation that comes from never giving up.

Over the past year, we have closely followed the progress of many of our Skill Athletes. Within our strong community, they have found motivation, advice, passion and so much more. Today, we show you the Skill Yoga journey of Julius, a lacrosse Athlete who was looking for a down to earth and effective form of Yoga that would not only give him control on a physical level but also improve his mindset in everyday life. There’s so much more to see than increased strength only. Muscle activation. Fast recovery. Improved focus. These aren’t just phrases we are casually throwing around.

In only a few months, Julius felt the difference. Watch his video and continue reading to learn how Skill Yoga improved his life and training.

We asked Julius to answer a few questions to help better understand his journey from his perspective. Read on.

Q1. How has your experience with Skill Yoga transformed your image of Yoga?

For me, Yoga was closely connected to spirituality and a slow movement focused on breathing. With Skill Yoga, I discovered more explosive and exhaustive sides of Yoga. I learned to enjoy challenging my body and learning new skills in a playful way. But recently it took me full circle when I realized how important breathing exercises and the aspect of mindfulness has become in my practice.

Q2. How often do you train and when did you start seeing the first results?

I aim to put in a short session each day, this can be 15min at the minimum. On average five times a week. The results manifested quickly. Mastering easy variations of arm and head balances are easy wins and sometimes came after only one session of training. After two months, however, I saw my abs defining and mobility grow. This is also the point where I learned to really appreciate stretching and developed an ability to relax while pushing my limits.

Skill Athlete Julius

Q3. How did you feel during the training, and what do you think helped in getting you where you are today?

Training always felt amazing. At first, it can be difficult to wrap your head around challenging asanas but mastering new poses every week ensured a constant flow of accomplishment. While this kept me excited to start my training what benefited me the most was the ability to leave the whole day at the mat after the final resting pose.

Q4. What kind of differences have you felt after your transformation?

Most significant are the improvements to my posture. Having struggled with back pain for a while, I do feel that the regular practice keeps my spine mobile and leaves me feeling strong. Besides, I can balance on my hands now. The increase in control over my body still surprises me sometimes.

Skill Athlete Julius

With Skill Yoga, you can find the kind of Yoga you resonate with. It’s going to be the right amount of challenging to keep bringing you to the mat day after day. It will not only challenge you physically but only activate the right mindset for progress and persistence. The changes you will see in yourself go beyond physical appearance. The changes are real.

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