How can we make sure we’re doing our best to step-up our chances against the vicious virus? Here is our immunity boosting plan to fight Coronavirus.

Fight Coronavirus

We are all limited in our options right now but there’s still plenty we can do. When it comes to food, if you can’t buy fresh, frozen fruit and veg are an excellent alternative. Tinned beans, lentils, and chickpeas are probably already in your emergency stock, and so are packs of nuts and seeds. Fresh whole grain bread may not be around every day but try long-life rye bread, and stock up on brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and packs of grains. Garlic is best fresh but powdered is still pretty potent, and so are ginger and turmeric powders. Self-care is as important as a healthy diet so make sure you are kind to yourself. You don’t have to write a novel or redecorate your flat, it’s the small things that count, and with our help, you’ll get on the right track to fight Coronavirus before you know it.

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