Don’t Panic, it’s just a Pandemic! We know the last year was hard, but we got through it. Now let’s talk about how we progress through 2021!

man performing crane asana

2020 taught us the importance of making do with what you have. Not only were our social lives and work affected, our workout routines and active lifestyles were also disrupted. For many around us, we saw a struggle to keep active and remain strong while staying indoors. For others, we saw a lack of motivation to do even that. No matter which group you were a part of, it’s fine. You tried and you did well. For some we saw so much motivation initially, that sagged and dwindles till everything just became a drag. That’s fine as well. Let’s talk about why you have to stay motivated and why you might have lost your motivation in the first place.

Why is motivation important?

Motivation will always be an important factor in determining your level of success and is something you need throughout the entire goal process. While a goal comes from a desire to change something, it is a motivation for bettering your circumstances that inspires the goal. Achieving anything in life requires you to also commit to it and focus your energy on it, motivation can help you set these priorities and take necessary and constant action to achieve that goal. If you are unable to do that, maybe its motivation that you lack.

Motivation – it comes and it goes!

If you have been losing your motivation to remain active and healthy as the pandemic drags on, youre not alone. As our offices and homes become the same, it gets hard to establish new routines. While pre-pandemic it was second nature to hit the gym, cycle to work or take an evening jog, now it seems hard to juggle family, work and and activity all in one space.

For many Athletes, a motivation to work towards an end goal, such as participation in a marathon or competition is also gone. Research quite clearly states that people are more motivated when they have an end goal. A good way to deal with this is to have an internal set of goals. Thinking about these useful questions to understand your current level of motivation will give you a better sense of how much work you need to put in if any!

  1. How will I benefit from accomplishing this goal
  2. How high is my current motivation to achieve this goal?
  3. Am I ambitious enough to accomplish it?
  4. Do I believe I am capable enough to achieve it?

Such questions pop up in everyone’s mind the moment they set out to do something or even begin to think about goals they want to accomplish. Answering these questions honestly and truthfully can really help you to understand where you are and what you have to do to get ahead.

How to work your way through 2021

Get creative with movement

If you usually only prefer to run, try Yoga. If you are a pro at that, try to mix it up and get creative. Creative movement has always been a great way to develop physical skills, channel your energy through good avenues, and is quite stimulating for your imagination and creativity. If your life is riddled by lockdowns and home office, now is the perfect opportunity to keep it interesting and exert in whatever way feels good!

Get our of your comfort zone

The last year has been full of uncertainty and while we were hurled out of our comfort zones, we readapted and reestablished normality. You might feel comfortable spending a whole day at your home desk or spending a lot of time on your couch but it is of immense importance that you pull yourself out of that. Your body will thank you for the quick mobility yoga workout you squeeze in during your tea break or an evening jog to break the monotony.

Be Accountable

While this year it may be even harder to keep resolutions, you have gone through a tough year and come through stronger, more resilient and at your best. Meaning, you can do it! Hold yourself accountable for your goals. Set reminders, tell a friend, say it out loud or make a list and start checking off little goals. Be accountable for your goals will make your success so much sweeter!

Eat well, Sleep well

Eating well is not as tricky as you might feel it is. All you have to do is consume a variety of foods that give you all the nutrients you need to feel good, perform better and have more energy for goal accomplishment. Similarly, a good sleep cycle will take you far and boost your immune system, improve your mood and set you on the right track to accomplish your goals!

Stand your ground

No matter the circumstances, keep going forward. While resolutions are fine, this year make a solid plan. Cut yourself some slack and pick goals that go beyond making drastic changes that dont really stick. Get yourself some small and attainable goals that let your sustain a behavioral change. Have internal motivation and stand your ground till you are where you want to be!

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