In conversation with Sascha Zeilinger, we talk about daily breathwork training to improve your mental health, stepping into your true purpose, and history of the breath in the second episode of our podcast, Awaken your Abilities. Through the power of intelligent conversation, we want to be an inspiration and the gateway drug to personal growth.

#02 Sascha Zeilinger on Daily Breathwork Training to Improve Your Mental Health, Stepping into your True Purpose, and History of the Breath

In this episode we talked to Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Sascha Zeilinger (@spirit_of_breath). He was a Fashion and Sales executive for almost 20 years before he decided something didn’t feel right about it. He decided to quit his job and began traveling. He discovered Breath work for the first time while in Bali. His vision is to use the art and science of breath awareness and breathing exercises for health, growth and change in body, mind and spirit. For that he holds a safe space to guide people to open their hearts and heal their relationships within themselves. 

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Awaken your Abilities

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