As an ultra-marathon runner, Christian’s progress had reached a slump. His finish time was not changing, his performance was becoming stagnant. When running alone wouldn’t improve his performance any further, he turned to Skill Yoga. Check out his transformation.

Athletes from all sports are turning to Yoga to add to their training regime. Show us a runner who doesn’t have tight hips and hamstrings, a tennis player who doesn’t have a stiff lumbar region, shoulders, or even ankles. From strengthening neglected muscles to releasing overworked ones, for seeking prowess over body and mind, and faster recovery and minimized risk of injuries – Yoga is just the thing. A holistic system that teaches skills many athletes seek, such as control over the mind, control over the body, good breathing habits, relaxation under pressure, highly developed concentration skills and the ability to focus on the present.

As a 30-year-old ultramarathon runner, Christian had the usual runner’s problems. The progress was stagnant, his body was overworked and his muscles tight and worn out. He was lacking the mental and physical balance that he needed to get better. His transformation with Yoga helped him improve his performance across all distances.

Q1. How has your experience with Skill Yoga transformed your image of Yoga?

At first, I thought of Yoga as a spiritual thing, where you hold poses for a long time, which is not really challenging for your body. That completely changed for me. Especially on days then I had aching muscles for 3 days just after a 1 hour Skill Yoga session I knew I had really worked my muscles, worked on my mobility and done a session that was strength-focused as well.

Q2. How often do you train and when did you start noticing the first changes?

I started my journey with Skill Yoga with a 1-hour group session and 3-4 half-hour sessions spread over the week with the Skill Yoga App. The first time I started noticing actual changes was about 3 weeks into my new training regime with Yoga included. It was the first time I enjoyed the downward dog and could truly relax in this pose.

Q3. How did you feel during the training, and what do you think helped in getting you where you are today?

During the training, I felt really good. The hardest part was not the training itself, it was finding the time. Finding time in my schedule for training and gathering the motivation to begin the session was difficult. For me, having control over when and where I could train really helped me. What kept me going was feeling great after each session.

Ultra marathon runner Christians transformation with Skill Yoga

Q4. What kind of differences have you felt after your transformation?

I don’t know how to describe it but I feel a better connection with my body now. Through Yoga, I began to notice how a more conscious breathing technique affected my performance. Talking about performance, in 2019 I smashed some of my personal best record times even though I ran less than in 2018. And the best part, I have fewer muscular problems like stiff, shortened muscles or back pain.

As more and more Athletes turn to Yoga to aid their performance and take their training to the next level, we call you to start making changes that matter. Awaken your abilities and start your journey towards a healthier, fitter, more mobile you. No time like the present!