We have a new Challenge for you and the goal is to help kick-start your at-home yoga journey! In this 7-Day Challenge, we’ll start the day on the mat together and work through a series of short, fun, and effective yoga classes – all with a focus on increasing your energy for the day ahead.

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What is the 7-Day Morning Yoga Challenge

The goal of this program is to kick-start a daily morning yoga routine at home, through a 7-day series that will focus on increasing energy, strength, and mental wellbeing. The classes are short, accessible, and work in a ladder format where throughout the week we build upon exercises from previous days to ensure that you see progress in just 1 week. If you ever wanted to create a daily yoga routine – this is the perfect program for you!

The program consists of 7 classes, all depicting 7 levels of the challenge:

  • 3 of the classes are Energizing Morning Routines, created in a ladder format so that throughout the week you will see the progression and be able to push yourself further as we add more challenges and level-up options to each of the key exercises.
  • 3 of the classes are strength-based yoga flows, which are following the style of Power Yoga where we use a vinyasa-style class, with added extra strengthening exercises, where we see fit. Each will have a different focus area of the body: Core, Upper Body & Lower Body.
  • 1 of the classes will be a Full-Body Flexibility Class. In this class, we want to slow it down, allow time for recovery in the middle of the week, and focus on flexibility to increase body awareness and mobility to increase your overall performance to get you ready to finish the week, well.
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The Classes

  1. Energizing Morning Routine: The first class is introducing some of our key exercises which we will build upon throughout the week. Here we focus on energizing and strengthening the entire body, all compressed into just 20 minutes. In this class, we will introduce our goal-setting mindfulness practice, which will carry on throughout the entire program.
  2. Core Power: As the name suggests, here we will focus on strengthening the entire core, whilst incorporating familiar exercises from the first class and of course, continuing with our goal-setting mindfulness practice. Here we will also introduce a core-focused breathwork practice to boost energy, introduce something new & fun in the very beginning, whilst warming up the core muscles.
  3. Energizing Morning Routine II: Same idea as part 1, but building on the main exercises to make it more challenging. Continuing with the goal-setting mindfulness practice.
  4. Lower Body Power: Following a similar route as Core Power, but of course focusing on strengthening & stretching the entire lower body. Continuing with the goal-setting mindfulness practice.
  5. Full-Body Flexibility: Our rest day. This class should scream WE MADE IT. It’s about hitting the reset button and starting to introduce the more mindful yoga practice, where we have time to add in body awareness cues, and a stronger focus on breathing. We will work on stretching and increasing mobility, to ensure recovery. Continuing with the goal-setting mindfulness practice.
  6. Upper Body Power: Same idea as Core & Lower Body Power. This time focusing on strengthening & stretching the entire upper body. Continuing with the goal-setting mindfulness practice.
  7. Energizing Morning Routine III: The same idea as part 2, but again building on our key exercises to ensure that everything our users learned and achieved throughout their time with us this week is amplified. Starting with a longer Breath of Fire practice, following a familiar flow with more level-up options, and ending with a congratulations and reminder of our goal-setting mindfulness.
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How to get started with this Yoga Challenge?

While committing to a Challenge is not the easiest thing, we agree that it also takes a while to build a proper home practice and start your daily routine. How a challenge can help you is by putting you in a goal-setting mindset and reignite your motivations to continue doing what you started. Similarly, knowing that there are others going the challenge with you gives a sense of community and keeps you motivated. In order to set yourself up for success, ask yourself the following questions before you start this Yoga Challenge:

1. Ask yourself why you are starting this challenge?

It is so important to have an honest intention behind starting a challenge. Are you doing this challenge to improve your yoga practice and to kickstart your commitment? Or are you doing it for a consistent way to keep fit and stick to your health resolutions? Each and every reason you could have will only propel you towards success. The reason would also keep you motivated for the duration of the challenge!

2. Enlist support from those around you

Better together! Most of the time we try to engage our communities in challenges primarily because it is so much easier to take up a challenge if you have support from others. At the launch of this program, we as a company also started this Challenge and have only been a constant source of motivation for each other. Similarly, we invite you to ask your friends and family to join you in the challenge or motivate you to continue on your journey!

3. Appreciate yourself for the dedication

There would be a number of reasons why you do a challenge a bit slower than others, or that you are unable to complete it within the timeframe that you set up for yourself. Remember that this is okay! Don’t ignore your body and the signs it is giving you and give yourself ample credit for every step taken. There might be bumps on the way that slow down your momentum but an honest intention and support from others will keep you going

Let’s go, Athlete!

Yoga challenges allow you the opportunity to redefine your motivations and give you the opportunity to push your boundaries. While a challenge may seem short-term, you can use it to make changes that are long-lasting. Start the 7-Day Morning Challenge with Skill Yoga today to see how far you can go!