There are so many Yoga poses for different goals such as building a strong core, increasing your mobility, working on your strength, getting to the right frame of mind and so much more. Ready to perfect these yoga poses today?


Yoga can do so much for your body and your mind. From helping you kick start your day on a good note to working on your strength, mobility, mindfulness. So many poses are also perfect for targeting different parts of your body. Chair pose, Warrior III and Triangle pose for your legs; Crow pose, Boat pose and side planks for your abdomen; Plank pose, Staff pose and Wheel pose for your arms and Spinal twists, Wild thing pose and Cat-cow stretched for your chest and shoulders. We could go on forever.

Yoga also has dynamic poses such as the Downward facing dog, the Upward facing dog, Wheel pose and many more that cater to multiple parts of your body. What’s really important, though, is to do them right.

In today’s blog, we look at how you can perfect some of these yoga poses by presenting you with 3 things you should remember when doing these specific poses. If you are worried about alignment, you have come to the right place! We will start off with simpler ones and take you through some of the more challenging ones. Here we go!

Upward-facing dog and Downward-facing Dog

A major part of any sun salutation, the Upward-facing dog is a back-bending pose that will challenge you to lift and open your chest while the Downward-facing dog will allow you to use the strength of your arms and legs to evenly stretch out your spine.


A Chaturanga is a low plank pose where one must keep their body straight and parallel to the ground with support from the toes and palms. Another major part of the Sun salutation, this is a very important transitional pose.

Yogic Squat

One of the best hip openers and the ultimate pose to tone your entire lower body, a yogic squat is something you can definitely benefit from.

Forward fold

The seated forward fold promotes mindfulness and also prepares you for deeper poses. This is a pose that helps to relieve stress and is mostly used in the latter part of your Yoga workout.

Crow Pose

The Crow pose is one of the poses that feels like a huge accomplishment for beginners. If you are looking to map your own progress, this will definitely seem like a milestone you want to remember. Many people think a Crow pose is all about arm strength, but so much of it is about balance, core strength and focus!


Another one of those milestone moments. A headstand will stimulate you and improve your bodies overall functionality, increase upper body strength as well as your stamina!

Proper alignment makes all the difference. Remember that it is okay if your Yoga poses do not look like everyone else’s, it’s just a matter of anatomy. Everyone is built in a different way. At the end of the day, you must perfect your yoga pose keeping in mind your body’s limitations. If correcting your Yoga alignment is something that’s a bit of an issue for you make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and stay tuned for more knowledge.