Arm balances are challenging but with Adam’s guidance, you’ll be able to fly into them as if you were a seasoned yogi!

Skill Yoga partnered with Adam Husler – an experienced yoga teacher who has taught his unique yoga classes all over the world – to bring you an exclusive course on the newly launched Master Course Platform.

Why arm balances

Many of us are a little scared of arm balances and don’t know how to approach them. We instinctively know they are difficult and perhaps even dangerous but at the same time, we want to master them. Yogic arm balances are a symbol of body and mind control and there’s something irresistibly attractive about them.

To perform arm balances safely, you shouldn’t just try to make the right shape because a wrong move may make you unstable. The last thing you want is to fall out of an arm balance because not only can you hurt yourself, it will also make you doubt your skills for next time. On the other hand, with the right approach and guidance, you’ll be surprised that arm balances are actually not that difficult!

It’s often tempting to look for shortcuts, such as kicking your legs up instead of lifting them with control. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t tried it at least once? But once you learn the right technique, you’ll see that arm balances are not just the final pose but that how you get there is an important part of the process.

Arm balances also require your full attention and so they effortlessly make you completely mindful – present in the moment. You simply have to focus and be aware of your body and breath, the mind stops wandering and eye gaze is fixed on one point. In a way, arm balances are yoga philosophy in practice. 

What’s special about this course?

Because Adam has a keen interest in anatomy and creating effective sequences, he’ll help prepare your body and mind for even the most challenging arm balances. His expertise makes him an excellent teacher who understands the preparatory stages that you need to go through to master difficult yoga positions.

Adam’s course Flying into Arm Balances will help you increase your strength and flexibility needed for arm balances, and it’ll also help you gain knowledge of your own body so you can move with greater control. It starts with the basics and builds you up, giving options and modifications so everyone can progress according to their abilities. Even if you won’t be able to perform some of the more challenging poses at first, this course gives you the know-how for how to progress.

What is the course structure and length?

The course is an open-level one, which means it’s suitable for anyone and everyone. It spans over four weeks and every week you’ll practice arm balances twice. These sessions are arm balance technique breakdowns followed by a guided, expertly-sequenced practice. 

You start with easy and gradually progress to the more challenging poses. On top of that, there’s also a recovery and meditation practice that you are encouraged to make a part of your weekly routine.

It’s completely up to you when you will practice – once the course opens, you have unlimited access to it. We do, however, recommend that you set up a realistic schedule, so you can stick to the course structure. Through a chat in the course, you can also connect with us, Adam and other participants to share experiences, thoughts and perspectives. 

If you already have a running Skill Yoga subscription, you save 25% off the course price, so instead of $40, you’ll only pay $30! However, if you do not have a paid Skill Yoga membership, there’s also a perk for you – when you finish the course, you’ll get free two months of Skill Yoga app access! What’s not to like? 

Why not try a class from this course for free? You’ll get a taste of what the course is like, and you can decide if it’s the right fit for you – simply click on the link.

Meet your teacher – 5 questions for Adam Husler

  1. What started your yoga journey?

Yoga creeped into my life briefly at university, but it became a core part of my routine when I realised its power in helping me recover from marathon running and boxing! Yes… I started doing more yoga, in part, to help me punch harder! Soon enough I realised yoga was doing so much more for me than that though. I felt better in my body in every sense and it was helping keep my mind calm and balanced mentally stressful time of a relationship breakup and uncertainty about my career future.

  1. What’s your personal weekly yoga routine?

It changes week to week, year to year. Right now, I’m interested in using yoga to help me live a balanced, stable life. In weeks where I’ve worked out a lot or been teaching internationally, my yoga practice focuses more on recovery and meditation. When I’m full of energy, I’m arm balancing and inverting multiple times a week. Whatever happens though, I make sure I move my body in all planes of motion, every day!

  1. When you created this course for Skill Yoga, what inspired you?

When people see arm balances they often see them inaccessible and so never try them, or they think they are cool ’shapes’ and do everything they can to make the ’shape’ without understanding what’s actually going on in the pose. I wanted to create a programme that breaks down the architecture and structural foundations of these poses, so people can approach them from a place of understanding and practice them with a gradual increasing intensity over time. 

  1. What are the key things you’d like people to take away from your course?

Firstly, I want people to understand what are the benefits of each arm balance and what are we trying to achieve beyond ‘shape’ e.g. what is getting stronger and what is getting longer? From there, having built an understanding over the pose, through repeated practice of the classes, I want to see people build the flexibility and strength required for them to get into the poses, in a safe and sustainable way. After all of that, they can feel free to take photos of their ‘cool shapes’!

  1. Is there something you’d like to say to people who are unsure about yoga?

Yoga is a perfect antidote to life! For example, if you have a high-stress competitive job, through yoga you’re offered an environment where there is no winning or losing, just a practice of self-enquiry where the body is a vehicle for that. If you use your body in specific ways every day, whether because you sit over a steering wheel in a certain shape or because you run your commute, then yoga physically can offer an antidote; getting you to move in the opposite ways. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t improved their lives, physically and mentally, from a long-term yoga practice.

Join the course and practice with us!

This course is bound to be a game-changer – it will teach you amazing new skills and will improve your physical and mental well-being. Who doesn’t need that in their life? Sign up today to secure your spot and gain lifetime access to Adam’s incredible classes.

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