Yoga can make you stronger both physically and mentally – and that’s exactly what Marlene’s course will help you achieve. It combines yoga with special myofascial training techniques and meditation to make you feel amazing, and be fitter yet calmer.

Marlene Schmitt is an internationally trained yoga teacher with over two decades of bodywork experience. Her unique course, Inner and Outer Strength, is designed for you to find more freedom, strength but also acceptance of your body and mind.

What’s myofascial training?

Myofascia (fascia) is a type of thin connective tissue that wraps around separate muscle fibers, bundles, whole muscles, groups of muscles, and organs. It connects all body parts to the rest of your body, and is the reason why when you bend your knee, you may feel a stretching sensation in your back.

Myofascia can get damaged or stuck – you usually can’t feel exactly where it is but it may result in tightness or soreness in a body area which limits your movement. In general, fascia gets tighter by everyday actions, such as sitting at a desk for hours, poor posture, repetitive movements during training, and even stress. Tight fascia can then cause or contribute to issues such as muscle pain, back and neck pain, injuries, sensations like numbness or pins and needles, bad posture and reduced flexibility.

With the right techniques, you can help your myofascia recover, loosen up or simply work better. All these effects offer you a greater range of motion, improved movement patterns, and can get you rid of unspecific pains. Yoga is a natural match for myofascial training and Marlene is an expert on combining the two.

What else does the course offer?

Marlene’s course is a complete package – it combines vinyasa yoga with myofascial training, breathwork and meditation. As you progress in the course, you will get deeper physically and mentally, getting rid of old patterns and experiencing a new level of freedom. Marlene doesn’t just guide you, she will also teach you valuable lessons and techniques you can use for the rest of your life.

While the course is distinguished by the myofascial training techniques, Marlene knows just how important inner work is as well. That’s why her course is called Inner and Outer Strength – sometimes our limitations are not in the body but in the mind. By the end of the course you will be equipped with a whole new range of skills and knowledge.

How is the course structured?

The course is suitable for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner – it has a lot to offer! You will practice yoga with Marlene three times a week for a month, you will also do a 10-minute meditation weekly, and receive personal support from Marlene. 

Choose the time that suits you best for each practice – it’s up to you whether you do your classes in the morning, afternoon or evening. Just make sure you follow the course structure. 

If you want to share your thoughts or ask questions, there’s a chat option in the course where you can connect with us, Marlene and other participants.  

If you already have a running Skill Yoga subscription, you save 25% off the course price, so instead of $40, you’ll only pay $30! However, if you do not have a paid Skill Yoga membership, there’s also a perk for you – when you finish the course, you’ll get two months of Skill Yoga app access for free! 

We understand you want to try it before you buy it so here’s a free class from the course – simply click on the link and it’ll take you to the free trial.

Meet your teacher – 5 questions for Marlene Schmitt

1. What started your yoga journey?

My physical yoga practice started way back in my teenage years, when I was doing rhythmic gymnastics and I implemented yoga exercises into my training routine to enhance my flexibility, and to improve my overall performance in competitions. Yet my real inner journey of yoga was kick-started when I traveled to India (yup, that cliché), and was finally able to discover that yoga is much more than just stretching and breathing. For the first time, I experienced the practice going so much deeper than the physical body and beyond what I could have ever expected. 

It was probably the first time in my life being in a community free of judgment and any competition, there was only acceptance and compassion. This experience was so profound and transformative that I wanted to pass on what I have learned to others. Today, I practice yoga as a philosophy of life, touching all aspects and layers of life. Asana (yoga poses) being only one small part of this.

2. What’s your personal weekly yoga routine?

I used to follow a strict plan working towards a defined goal which dominated my entire practice. Yet this rigidity left me feeling extremely constricted, disconnected from my cyclic nature and took away the lightness from my practice. After I had a few small injuries and lost most of the joy in my practice I decided that I wanted to change the way I practice and reconnect with what yoga truly meant to me. A home inside myself.

Today, I practise very intuitively. Every morning I start with a silent meditation followed by some soft intuitive movements, depending on how much time I have and how I feel on that particular day, these movements unfold into a longer Sadhana (practice) of up to two hours. I usually practice with music and try to challenge myself with asanas (poses) that I struggle with here and there. Yet to me the most important thing during my practice is my mindset, keeping my inner voice kind and gentle, staying present with my breath and connected with my heart.

3. When you created this course for Skill Yoga, what inspired you?

Dylan Werner and Thomas W. Myers were my main inspirations for this course. I did my second 300-hour training with Dylan a few years ago, where we mainly focused on the anatomy of fascia and myofascial sequencing. To me this way of practicing and sequencing transformed not only the way I move but also deepened the connection of my body, mind and breath, bringing it all back together as one unity. This experience of union and connection inspired me to share this style of yoga and to create this course for you!

4. What are the key things you’d like people to take away from your course?

With my course Inner & Outer Strength we gradually build up strength and elasticity along the myofascial lines throughout the body which will prevent injuries, support a healthy posture and transmit force effectively through the body. Beyond the physical strength, a regular meditation and mindfulness practice will create resilience and calmness in the mind. After the four weeks, we will not only have a deeper body awareness, but we will feel more present, connected and confident in our bodies and minds.

5. Is there something you’d like to say to people who are unsure about yoga?

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down!

No really, don’t let the lack of flexibility, strength or patience stop you from giving it a try because trust me, as soon as you are able to do one pose, there will be a new one challenging your limits. And this is really what it’s about, just being present, breathing and observing the fluctuations of mind.

Don’t hesitate – the course is live now!

If you haven’t worked with myofascial release before, you’re in for a treat! It can truly transform your practice and daily life. Start practicing with Marlene and you won’t look back!

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